Cherniv: Ukraine will become a member of NATO after the victory over Russia

The head of the delegation of the Ukrainian Rada to the NATO Parliamentary Assembly, Yegor Chernev, believes that Ukraine will become a member of NATO immediately after the victory over the Russian Federation.

- I hope that NATO will be able to receive us very quickly, because de facto we are now very quickly complying with NATO standards in the army. I hope that after the end of the war, de facto will turn into de jure and we will become a member of NATO without any Action Plan for membership in NATO and that very soon, said Cherniv, Interfax Ukraine reported.

In his opinion, it is about what will happen after the war, after, as he stated, the victory of Ukraine, for his country to receive security guarantees in the form of the "NATO umbrella".

- We understand that Russia will not calm down and that in three, five, 10 years, when it accumulates its resources again, it will again try to occupy either part of the territory or all of Ukraine - said Cherniv.

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