Chechen leader says Russia is moving towards Kiev

Ramzan Kadyrov
Ramzan Kadyrov / Photo: EPA-EFE/ALEXEY NIKOLSKY

The leader of Chechnya, Ramzan Kadyrov, after capturing the city of Avdiivka in eastern Ukraine, said that Russia is taking even bigger steps towards Kiev.

– Avdiivka is another step towards victory. I think we will continue to move forward with big steps towards Kyiv - Kadyrov told reporters.

He claims that Ukrainian forces "fired on civilians in Donbas" from Avdiivka, and that is why it was very important to take control of that city, which is located north of Donetsk.

"It's not just Avdiivka. Several other villages were also captured. Every centimeter of land we occupy is necessary because there are bandits, terrorists, devils... They have nothing sacred, so they must be destroyed. They are targeting civilians... And the supreme commander does not give us the opportunity to carry out a special operation in full swing due to the fact that there are civilians there," says Kadyrov.

Russian forces established full control over Avdiivka on Saturday. The capture of the strategically important city made it possible to move the front line away from Donetsk.

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