The Central Council of Alternative decides whether the party will be part of the Government

Zoran Zaev and Afrim Gashi / Photo: Free Press, Archive
Zoran Zaev and Afrim Gashi / Photo: Free Press, Archive

The decision whether Afrim Gashi's party, Alternative will be part of the Government, started to be discussed tonight at 18 pm at a session of the Central Council, the highest party body. The session is being held at the party headquarters in Tetovo.

- Let's see how the meeting will go. We will see about the departments, today we will talk, completely about the program commitments and personnel decisions, said Afrim Gashi when he arrived at the session in Tetovo.

The meeting of the Central Council of Alternative was preceded by three meetings of Gashi with the Prime Minister and President of SDSM in resignation Zoran Zaev, which discussed the participation of Alternative in the Government and the support of the parliamentary majority of their four MPs. 

After the last meeting held on Wednesday, the Government announced that it is expected that by the end of this week the necessary consultations will be held in SDSM and Alternative and to ensure the necessary coordination in order to reach an agreement on a possible joint government.

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