Carovska: Parents should ask for a tablet from teachers and motivate them to use the digital textbook

Mila Carovska
Mila Carovska / Photo: Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia

There is still no need to change the teaching model, and students continue to go to school because they are safe, and this was confirmed by the Ministry of Health in its report this afternoon, which we discussed this morning at the General Coordination Headquarters, said the Minister for Education and Science Mila Carovska.

- We still do not have an internal transmission of Covid 19 in schools and that is what the competent health authorities say. The number of positives on a daily basis ranges from 0,01% to 0,03%, depending on the day, but we still have more than 240 thousand students with physical presence who are in the classroom every day and these numbers are really low. It is very important for the media and the citizens and all of us who report or have the opportunity to report on data to stick to what the competent institutions say and to convey it consistently as it is said without spreading panic among the citizens because at the moment such a thing is not is needed. Because the simultaneous isolation of 25 or 10 students does not mean that everyone is positive about Covid, said Carovska in the Diary on Sitel TV.

According to her, the textbook is only a teaching tool and aid and teaching is not necessarily related to it.

-However, we should have encyclopedias and other types of joint activity between students, interaction between the teacher and the textbook - all this is learning, and that is why we want to encourage in the new conception not to use a strict schedule. The most important thing is to achieve the learning outcomes and not to stick to given formats and try to put each child in a mold and give him a textbook, informs Carovska.

Carovska emphasized that the parents should be the ones who will ask the teachers or the schools that do not have digital devices to get them.

- In the ministry we have tablets available. Parents should look for a tablet and point out and motivate the student to use the digital textbook because there is content that will give him the opportunity to explore, solve quizzes and all that in the interest of learningsaid Carovska.

Carovska pointed out that the education system has been prepared since June with three backup scenarios that would be applied if needed.

Source: MIA

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