Customs offices in Skopje will not work on Thursday, and on Wednesday only until noon

Customs / Photo: Free Press - Dragan Mitreski

According to the conclusion of the Government, and on the occasion of the Thirtieth Ministerial Meeting of the OSCE, the working hours of all employees in the state and public administration in Skopje on November 29 (Wednesday) should end at 12:30, and November XNUMX (Thursday) should be a non-working day for all employees in the state and public administration, the Customs Administration of Macedonia announced that this will also apply to customs offices in Skopje.

- As an exception and after prior notice, in case of need for urgent and immediate customs clearance of perishable goods, goods of agricultural or animal origin, as well as for goods necessary for the production process and for generally dangerous and easily flammable substances, in the above branches will duty teams for import customs clearance shall be organized. We remind economic operators and customs representatives that in accordance with the provisions of Article 146 paragraph 1 point b of the Decree on the implementation of the customs law and point 15 of the Instructions for the implementation of the procedure for import customs clearance, the import customs declaration in the form of an electronic message in a regular procedure can it was submitted during regular working hours at the customs office where the customs clearance will be carried out - said the Customs.

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