The rebellion of conservatives blocks the work of the US House of Representatives for the second day in a row

The House of Representatives of the US Congress is paralyzed for a second day in a row as Speaker Kevin McCarthy tries to calm the rebellion of a more conservative stream of Republican congressmen who have begun to question the ability of the party to carry out its agenda in Washington.

McCarthy said he was "surprised" after a group of conservatives blocked his party's efforts to block new environmental regulations on domestic gas furnaces, but he believes the two sides will work out their differences.

- We will work on this and become even stronger, he told the journalists.

One of the Conservatives, MP Tim Burchett, said both sides were working to resolve the "issue of trust" and said they were closer to a solution.

Hardliners have vowed to use all "procedural tools" to delay the passage of the bill until McCarthy agrees to their terms, prompting questions about whether the speaker is risking his House presidency.

These rebellious hardline conservatives are among Republicans who in January opposed McCarthy's election as House speaker until he agreed to concessions that made it easier to challenge his leadership.

They were also among 71 Republicans who opposed the debt ceiling compromise passed last week. They still claim that McCarthy and his team did not cut costs enough, ignored their suggestions and that at least one of their members was retaliated against.

McCarthy and his fellow Republicans hold a slim 222-213 congressional majority, meaning they can lose just four of their party's votes on any measures Democrats unanimously oppose.

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