Bujar Osmani has a nine-point plan to calm the situation in Kosovo

Photo: Facebook/Bujar Osmani

The chairman of the OSCE, the head of the Macedonian diplomacy Bujar Osmani, announced a nine-step plan for de-escalation and normalization of tensions in the north of Kosovo. The plan, according to Osmani, is aimed at achieving lasting peace and stability in the north of Kosovo and returning Kosovo Serbs to the institutions and democratic processes.

As a first step, the plan calls for Kosovo and Serbia to reform their commitment to the Basic Agreement and the Ohrid Protocol.

Second: Kosovo should withdraw its special police forces, and Serbia should reduce the combat readiness of its armed forces.

Third: the police of Kosovo, together with the forces of KFOR and EULEX, should be enabled to fully take care of the order and security of the country.

Fourth: the protests should be canceled and the municipal functions and services should be put into operation, for the normal functioning of social life, and at the same time, the employees of the municipalities should be allowed access.

Fifth: the mayors should resign by the summer of this year, opening the way for early municipal elections.

Sixth: early municipal elections to be held this year.

Seventh: The OSCE will support the electoral process, through technical support to the Kosovo authorities who will organize the elections, thereby strengthening trust between the communities.

Eighth: The OSCE will engage young people in reconciliation programs and processes.

Ninth: The OSCE will make its capacities available to support the implementation in good faith by both sides of the agreed provisions and the continuation of the dialogue.

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