Bulgarian MFA versus Macedonian MFA: The attack in Ohrid is a serious crime, not an act of vandalism

Bulgarian MFA/photo: MFA

The Bulgarian Ministry of Foreign Affairs does not accept the assessment of the Macedonian MFA that the attack on the Tsar Boris Treti club in Ohrid was an act of vandalism and condemns the incident as a serious crime. In a statement to the public, the Bulgarian MFA appeals to the competent authorities in the country to quickly clear up the case and reveal the perpetrators.

After last night's armed attack on the Bulgarian club "Tsar Boris Treti" in Ohrid, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bulgaria condemned, as stated in the announcement, the serious crime in which firearms were used.

Regarding yesterday's incident in the Tsar Boris Treti club, otherwise the third in a row, the Bulgarian MFA says that the Consulate General of Bulgaria in Bitola was immediately informed, after which Consul Dimitar Ivanov immediately went to Ohrid and established contact with the members of the association and the competent institutions. in the city involved in the case.

"We note the reaction of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia, but we categorically do not accept such serious criminal acts to be assessed as an act of vandalism," the announcement reads.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs expects the competent authorities in the Republic of North Macedonia to take action in the shortest possible time to reveal the perpetrators of the attack on the "Czar Boris Treti" club and to hold them accountable.

From there, they add that today they will call Macedonian ambassador Agneza Rusi Popovska and hand her a protest letter about the incident.

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