Bulgarian farmers earn up to 20.000 euros a year from renting pastures!

Farmers in the village near чаaкak / photo: EPA / EFE

Bulgarian farmers who rent pastures can earn up to 20.000 euros. And that only from land subsidies, with the exception of payments for animals, writes "24Chasa.bg". This is indicated by the accounts of the Ministry of Agriculture for this year.

It is expected that the money will increase in the coming years. For those who think it's good business, the largest land management company Agrion offers for rent thousands of hectares of land suitable for grazing animals. Plots range from a few acres to several thousand hectares and are suitable for all farmers who want to raise animals. The account shows that a 300-hectare farm, for example, could earn around €7.000 a year from basic and redistributive payments alone.

Apart from the eco-schemes – for maintenance of surfaces, restoration of soil potential, reduction of the use of pesticides and maintenance of biological diversity, another 5.000 euros can be obtained. If you are a young farmer, your income swells by another 3.000 euros. Thus, the owner can collect about 15.000 euros per year just for the land he has rented. In particular, if he chooses to keep goats, for example, the EU will pay him 43 euros per goat. Thus, 100 goats will bring him 4.300 euros per year. The pastures offered by Agrion will be leased by direct negotiation and with the option of a fully digital route.

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