Bulgarian authorities persistent to introduce water meter fee?

Water meter, Photo: Archive

The regional ministry does not deviate from its intention to burden property owners with a new fee for access to the water supply network. Thus, the subscriber will pay a certain amount to the water company every month, even if he has not used a drop of water.

Despite the numerous criticisms, the regional ministry again published the draft law on water supply and sewerage, which foresees a completely new way of determining the price of water for households, at a public hearing. Currently, prices are charged for three types of services – water delivery to the property, its removal and purification, "Sega.bg.news" reported.

The new law on water and sanitation foresees only two components – a fixed amount for access to the service and a variable price per cubic meter of consumed quantity. This new formula was launched back in 2020, when the first draft of a new law on water and sanitation appeared, and was met with a lot of criticism.

The new 'water meter' charge will affect all unoccupied property owners, who will have to pay for the water mains to reach their property, regardless of whether they use water. It is not clear how this will affect other households, because if there is no reduction in the price of water, everyone will pay higher bills due to the new fee. How the fee for a "water meter" will be determined is currently unclear.

The draft law states that there will be a special regulation for this purpose. It is feared that the fixed component will be very high and may reach half of the current bills.

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