Bulgarian tour guides react: Declaring our licenses unnecessary is a mockery of the profession

Church of St. Aleksandar Nevsky, Sofia/Photo: Sloboden Pechat/Marina Damcheska

The decision of the Commission for Protection of Competition that the regulations for exercising the profession of "tourist guide" and the registration regime are unnecessary and only limit competition, angered the associations of tour guides, "SEGA.bg.news" reported.

"We are extremely offended and outraged when we read in the decision of the CPC that the good name of our profession is degraded to the lowest level and the professional skills of Bulgarian tourist guides are devalued. "Also, in the opinion published by the CPC on the profession of 'tourist guide', it is suggested that it is unnecessary and it is argued that it should be generally available to every individual who uses the Internet," says the Union of Guides.

According to the LCP, this regulation does not comply with competition rules. According to the Law on Tourism, the profession of "tourist guide" is regulated and anyone who wants to practice it must meet certain conditions and be registered in the National Tourist Register. According to the data of the Ministry of Tourism, 456 qualified tourist guides are registered in the National Tourist Register after successfully passing exams for acquiring business ability and 1.195 legally registered persons, a total of 1.651.

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