Bulgarian secret services give money for people in Macedonia to learn Bulgarian, claims Stevco Jakimovski

Photo: TV21 / printscreen

The Mayor of the Municipality of Karpos, Stevcho Jakimovski, stated tonight that although they are on "opposing sides", he supports the leader of the opposition, Hristijan Mickoski, "to withstand the pressures to include the Bulgarians in the Constitution".

"Here we are absolutely on the same side, because the least problem is the Bulgarians as a nation, but the problem is the intentions", he said Jakimovski in the show "10 minutes" on the television "21", adding that Sofia leads a "Great Bulgarian" policy.

"They showed their legs, that is, the snake showed its legs already with the Franco-Bulgarian agreement. They immediately started opening these associations of theirs with provocations. "Right away, their intelligence services started giving money and started offering money to those who will learn the Bulgarian language," said Jakimovski.

He added that the Bulgarians have irredentist intentions towards Macedonia and that they are not at all afraid to say so.

- They are never ashamed to say that they have irredentist aspirations towards Macedonia. They are not ashamed to say it in the European Parliament, in interviews, in public and so on... Beware of the thesis "One nation, two states", Jakimovski added.

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