Bulgarian producers also demand a ban on the import of olive oil from Ukraine

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Grain producers are demanding a ban on edible oil imports from Ukraine. Currently, the purchase price of 1 ton of sunflower in different regions of the country is around BGN 630-650, which clearly shows that the trend is downward - says the studio of "The Day Begins" on BNT, Ilija. Prodanov, president of the National Association of Grain Producers. According to their calculations, there are about 1 million tons of sunflower and almost 2 tons of wheat in the warehouses.

"They have not been realized due to the low demand and the extremely low price, which is far, far below the cost price at which it was produced. "Currently, the sunflower sitting in the warehouses costs about BGN 1.000 per ton," explained Prodanov.

He explained that there is currently a ban on the import of goods from Ukraine from May 2, but it only applies to wheat, canola, sunflower and corn, and crude and refined oil are not on this list, which makes the ban less effective.

According to Prodanov, there is enough raw material for oil production until the new harvest for 3 months. The available quantities are fully sufficient to satisfy both the domestic and export markets.

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