Bulgarian inspectors will prevent illegal excursions

Limiting illegal excursions will be one of the focuses of the new Acting Minister of Tourism, Ilin Dimitrov. This was announced by Dimitrov himself during the presentation of the priorities of his work in the coming months until the formation of a regular government. The minister indicated that by the end of the mandate, proposals for legal changes related to the problem of wild excursions will be prepared.

Dimitrov himself and the industry are supporters of the creation of a special control body - the so-called tourist police to monitor illegal and unfair practices in the sector. Regular tour operators have been complaining about illegal excursions for a long time. These practices significantly intensified during the covid restrictions, writes Sega.bg.

Damaged travel companies warn that the problem is developing on a huge scale.

This activity is mainly carried out by individuals who do not have a tour operator license. They organize the trips mainly through social networks, stealing the customers of the regular tour operators with more favorable prices. The excursions are mainly on the territory of Bulgaria, but in the last year or two also in the neighboring countries.

In Turkey, for example, it has already become common for unlicensed organizers to conduct one-day or two-day excursions.

Many foreigners also developed such activities in Bulgaria - Poles, Czechs, Scandinavians. 211 tour operators and agents have already been deregistered due to failure to provide the mandatory tour operator liability insurance. Insurance reminder letters have been sent to 600 companies.

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