The Bulgarian parliament adopted a declaration strongly condemning the violence against Macedonian Bulgarians in Macedonia

Bulgarian Parliament / Photo: MIA

The Bulgarian parliament with a large majority adopted a declaration that categorically condemned the violence against the Macedonian Bulgarians in Macedonia, as well as the belittling of the problem of their rights and security. Bulgaria condemned the hate speech and insisted on implementing the Treaty of Friendship, which, according to Sofia, the authorities in Skopje do not respect. This is part of the allegations in the declaration of the 48th National Assembly, which is one of the last decisions of the deputies before they dissolve, adopted with 184 votes "for" and 1 "abstention".

As reported by the Bulgarian media, one of the reasons for the adoption of the declaration is the brutal beating of the Macedonian Bulgarian Hristijan Pendikov, secretary of the Bulgarian club in Ohrid "Tsar Boris Treti". The document was adopted only one day after a delegation of Macedonian Bulgarians was welcomed to the European Commission by European Commissioner for Enlargement Oliver Varhelji.

The declaration unites the proposals of Desislava Atanasova from GERB, Andrej Gyurov from PP, Kostadin Kostadinov from Prerodba and Elisaveta Belobradova and Stojan Mihalev from DB.

It consists of several points:

The National Assembly categorically condemns the manifestations and calls for violence against the Bulgarians in North Macedonia, their organizations and clubs, and especially the serious crime against the Bulgarian Hristijan Pendikov, and firmly insists on taking systematic measures by all institutions to discover and bring the perpetrators to justice;

It condemns the hate speech in North Macedonia against the local Bulgarians and Bulgaria, as well as its manifestations in the political, public and media environment. It calls on the authorities and institutions in North Macedonia to take comprehensive, urgent and effective measures to combat hate speech and hate crimes in all forms and manifestations against Bulgarian citizens and citizens with Bulgarian self-awareness. Expresses full readiness to provide any assistance to achieve this goal, including jointly with international partners and institutions;

Rejects the continuous denial, disparagement and rejection of responsibility for the existence of a problem with the rights and security of Bulgarians in North Macedonia;
He objects to the permanent non-implementation of the Agreement on Friendship, Good Neighborliness and Cooperation between the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of North Macedonia from 2017 and the bilateral protocols from the meetings of the Joint Intergovernmental Commission from Art. 12 of 2019 and 2022;

Expresses concern that the escalation of the anti-Bulgarian campaign in North Macedonia may threaten the process of inclusion of Bulgarians in the country's Constitution, as well as the development of democratic processes and institutions in North Macedonia and its path to membership in the European Union, which serves the interests of third party countries;
It opposes the changes in the Law on Associations and Foundations from 2022, which discriminate and deliberately limit the right of association of Bulgarians in North Macedonia. These changes may hinder and predetermine the activity of the Joint Multidisciplinary Commission according to Art. 8 of the 2017 Agreement for certain periods and persons;

Rejects the false and manipulative statements about the Bulgarian past in the public and political space of the Republic of North Macedonia and accepts them as intentional instilling of hatred towards Bulgaria and Bulgarians;

Emphasizes that the protection of the rights of Bulgarian citizens and citizens with Bulgarian self-awareness in North Macedonia must also be guaranteed through the full use of the instruments established in the negotiation framework approved by the European Union and by the decision of the 47th National Assembly of June 25, 2022 .;

He calls on the citizens, organizations and institutions in North Macedonia, who are truly committed to democratic values ​​and the country's European path, to take a clear stand and insist on the necessary change.

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