The Bulgarian opposition demands the resignation of the Minister of Defense due to the decision to deliver S-300 missiles to Ukraine

Photo: Twitter Russian S-300 anti-aircraft system

Bulgarian Socialists demanded the resignation of Defense Minister Todor Tagarev over the decision to supply Ukraine with missiles for the S-300 system.

After yesterday's parliamentary defense committee supported a proposal to send "defective S-300 missiles" to Kyiv, Tagarev told MPs that such a delivery would not weaken Bulgaria's combat capabilities. But this government decision caused violent reactions among the opposition.

-The only thing you can do is come to this room after first resigning. You are a danger to the national security of Bulgaria. What says more about you than the fact that you are reaching for the last anti-aircraft missile systems in Bulgaria. Are you the defense minister of Bulgaria or Ukraine, asked the MP from the BSP party Borislav Gutsanov.

Nikolay Drenchev from the "Rebirth" party also expressed dissatisfaction.

- This idea was given to you by the Ministry of Defense, that is, the Minister of Defense of another country, not Bulgaria. And you immediately carried out the order of the (foreign) embassy, ​​said the MP.

It was previously reported that the Bulgarian Parliament passed a bill to send defective S-300 missiles to Ukraine.

The authors of the proposal pointed out that Bulgaria is not in a position to repair the defective S-300 missiles, unlike Kiev. The rockets are delivered free of charge.

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