Bulgarians in the Constitution, and the president to be elected in the Assembly, Taravari demands

arben taravari
Arben Taravari / Photo: Free Press Archive

The Alliance for Albanians party informs the public through a statement that the president, Dr. Arben Taravari, held an extraordinary press conference in Tetovo. Taravari points out that there are two goals for the upcoming elections for the president of the country, and believes that in the future the election of the president should be done in the Assembly.

"I entered this match with bigger goals. My goal and that of my partners is twofold: first, we intend for the first time for the Albanian candidate to enter the second round of the presidential elections, and second, we want to open the great debate about the position of president in our political system. As is known, North Macedonia is a parliamentary republic, not a presidential or semi-presidential republic. In addition, our entire political and constitutional system is built on the model of consensual democracy between the two largest nationalities, and this is sanctioned by the introduction of the Ohrid Agreement into the Constitution," Taravari points out.

Then he says that his presidential platform will be built around the strengthening of consensual democracy, along the lines of Arben Xhaferi's thought.

"My partners and I aim for the future opening of the Constitution to include three elements: the inclusion of Bulgarians and other minorities in the Constitution, secondly, the removal of the 20 percent that define the Albanian language, thirdly, the election of the president should be done in the Assembly and not more through elections. This is the big news. In this way, in the future, the political forces that represent the two largest nationalities together in the Parliament will decide on the distribution of the three highest state functions", Taravari points out.

He asked for support from the Albanians and from DUI.

"I call on the Albanians and DUI, which is still hesitating about who to run for and which in the past also supported a Macedonian candidate for president, citing consensus, to support my vision and my candidacy. We now have the opportunity to strengthen consensual democracy together in a constitutional way. Now we can ensure that one of the three main state functions will automatically go to the Albanians, as the second majority nation in Macedonia," said Taravari's statement, which was transmitted by his cabinet.

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