The Bulgarians did a second analysis, the data is even more shocking: only 1 out of 10 sheep's cheeses are made entirely from sheep's milk!

Only one type out of 10 sheep's cheeses and cheeses tested was prepared only from sheep's milk, the study of the Association for Affordable and Quality Food showed, reported BNR.

The same study, carried out in an accredited international laboratory, found that the result, surprising even for the laboratory team, was that the buffalo cheese was without a single gram of buffalo milk, which caused the need to repeat the tests and treat them, the Association emphasizes. The Association for Affordable and Quality Food published the results of a similar study at the end of May, according to which only one of the five most expensive sheep's cheeses in Bulgaria contains only sheep's milk.

One out of five sheep's cheeses is made entirely from sheep's milk, and the rest are a mixture. This has been determined by a test in an accredited international laboratory commissioned by the "Affordable and Quality Food Association". This is the second analysis of the association, made due to strong consumer interest, with 10 brands of cheeses and curds now being tested, "Segabnews" reported.

The results of the tests conducted by one of the most authoritative international reference laboratories are similar – only one type of the most expensive and most popular tested sheep's cheeses and cheeses is made only from sheep's milk. The leader in this anti-classification is buffalo cheese made without buffalo milk! The manufacturer is among the leading companies in the industry - the association claims.

The other products, apart from sheep's milk, contain up to 50% cow's milk and are practically a mixture, and are declared as sheep's cheese. In addition to misleading the consumer, the detected offense is against the principles of competition, because currently 1 liter of sheep's milk is three times more expensive than the cow's milk with which it is mixed - comments from the association. They confirmed for "Horizon" that the manufacturers whose products were tested are the same as in the research that the Association did in May.

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