Bulgarians are fed up with the British: See what empty shops look like

Closed and empty stores in the UK / Photo: EPA-EFE / NEIL HALL

The British are only now beginning to realize that together it is better. After the Brexit, many Europeans, especially from Eastern European countries, left the United Kingdom because measures were taken that made it difficult for them to stay, work and live in this country.

One of the slogans of the Brexit conspirators was that immigrants were taking the jobs of "real Britons". Now, on the other hand, it turns out that the non-real Britons were doing essential things in British everyday life.

The UK is facing unforgettable pictures of queues in front of half-empty shops these days, because there are no goods because there is no one to bring them. The British government is preparing a new plan to get out of this crisis by announcing that it will approve 5.000 visas with favorable conditions for truck drivers. First of all, it is considered that you would use the opportunity to the inhabitants of the two poorest countries in the EU: the Bulgarians and the Romanians.

But do the poorest Europeans want to go to a non-EU country when the gates of Germany are open to them?

It is interesting to read the comments of the Bulgarian citizens on this topic published on the Bulgarian information portals. Thus, one citizen says that "it is time for the British to see what it looks like for 35 years for the shops to be half empty". Another commented that fruits and vegetables "could be picked by organized brigades of Oxford and Cambridge students." One of the commentators wonders: "Imagine, and 20 years ago Britain was a country of miracles for us, and now it is like that, but it is better in Bulgaria."

However, high politics will be dealt with by politicians, and the people who have the same trouble everywhere are fed up with the trouble of the other.


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