Bulgaria: Ukrainian refugees must leave hotels, summer vacation begins


Tens of thousands of Ukrainian refugees staying in Bulgarian Black Sea resorts will have to leave by June 1st due to reduced government subsidies and the start of the summer holiday season.

After Russia invaded on February 24 and the Ukrainians began to flee the country, Bulgaria, like many other countries in Central and Eastern Europe, decided to help, accept, and provide accommodation.

Of the 97.000 Ukrainian refugees currently in Bulgaria, about 60.000, mostly women and children, are housed in resorts, and the Bulgarian state provides them with 40 leva ($ 22) per person per day.

According to Bulgarian media, the mass relocation of Ukrainian refugees from their hotels will begin on Sunday.

More than 20.000 people will be housed in state bases in the country. This was announced by the district administration in Varna. The refugees will be transported in organized trains. In populated areas where there are no train stations, Ukrainians will be transported by military and private buses.

More than 60.000 Ukrainian refugees are currently staying in hotels in Bulgaria. Nearly 20.000 of them decided to leave Bulgaria in the coming days, local media reported.

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