Bulgaria will not send troops to Ukraine, the Ministry of Defense claims

Special units of the Bulgarian army/Photo: EPA-EFE/VASSIL DONEV

Bulgaria will in no way participate with military personnel on the territory of Ukraine. Only the National Assembly can make a decision on the participation of Bulgarian soldiers in operations outside the territory of the state. Such a proposal was never on the agenda. All initiatives related to the training of Ukrainian military personnel are carried out outside the territory of Ukraine. This is stated in a statement from the Ministry of Defense of Bulgaria.

The Bulgarian Ministry of Defense recalls the decision of the National Assembly of December 9 last year.

"We have a set task and we can train Ukrainians as combat medics - up to 60 people in a year." "It is planned that 4 groups of 15 people will be trained again in Bulgaria, not in Ukraine," the paragraph states.


Today NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg arrived in Bulgaria. At the airport in Sofia, he was welcomed by the head of the delegation of the National Assembly to the Parliamentary Assembly of NATO, Daniel Mitov.

The National Assembly of the Republic of Bulgaria hosts the spring session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly.

Participants of the spring session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly will discuss key topics of the Euro-Atlantic defense and security agenda with a focus on support for Ukraine.

In Sofia, the Assembly should adopt its recommendations for the NATO summit in Washington.

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