Bulgaria will pay Macedonian Bulgarians to sue Macedonia

The Bulgarian technical minister for foreign affairs, Nikolay Milkov

The Bulgarian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Nikolai Milkov, in interview for the Bulgarian national television "BNT", he stated that there is an "escalation and increase of tensions with Macedonia".

"In recent months, we have witnessed various actions that are hostile and inconsistent with the understanding and contractual basis. The ball is in their court. They do not have a deadline for implementing the "French proposal". When they fulfill it, then the first phase of the negotiation process will be opened," said Milkov.

He added that Bulgaria is "ready to financially help citizens with Bulgarian self-awareness in Macedonia in the legal battle that they would lead before the domestic and international courts".

"We are ready to cooperate with the people with Bulgarian self-awareness in the period when they will submit complaints to the courts in Macedonia and to the European courts. Most of them may not have the financial or other means to do it themselves. They must be encouraged and feel supported", says the technical head of the Bulgarian diplomacy.

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