Bulgaria changes the conditions for obtaining Bulgarian citizenship, the Bulgarian language is mandatory as well as the lack of conviction of the applicants

Session of the Bulgarian National Assembly/ Photo: 24 hours

The Bulgarian MPs considered without debate and on the first vote adopted the Bills for amending and supplementing the Law on Bulgarian Citizenship. The submitters are Kostadin Kostadinov and a group of people's representatives, Nikolaj Algafari and a group of people's deputies and Radomir Cholakov and a group of people's representatives, announced news.bg.

The draft law of Kostadin Kostadinov and a group of people's representatives received the support of 102 MPs, 63 voted "against" and 1 was "abstained". And in the re-voting, the "Revival" bill was supported by the deputies with 107 votes "for", 68 votes "against" and 1 "abstention".

The draft law of Nikolaj Alghafari (GERB-SDS) and a group of people's representatives was also adopted with 161 votes "for", 1 vote "against" and 15 "abstentions". Support was also given for the last draft law, that of Radomir Cholakov (GERB-SDS) and a group of people's representatives with 180 votes "for", no "against" and "abstentions".

With the bill of the leader of "Prerodba" Kostadin Kostadinov and a group of people's representatives, it is proposed to introduce a condition for a criminal record of the candidate for Bulgarian citizenship not only in the Republic of Bulgaria, but also in the country of origin, that is, in the country of residence. It is proposed to shorten the deadline for submitting documents for exemption from another citizenship, as well as to standardize the conditions for acquiring Bulgarian citizenship when marrying a Bulgarian citizen, by introducing a condition for a three-year period of extramarital union that would be applicable in all cases and if there is evidence that the marriage is fictitious, the Bulgarian citizenship should be revoked.

It is planned to drop the condition that a relative of Bulgarian origin died as a Bulgarian citizen when applying for Bulgarian citizenship based on Bulgarian origin. Knowledge of the Bulgarian language is introduced as a mandatory condition for all cases of naturalization and the possibility of obtaining Bulgarian citizenship is stated in case of interest in the Republic of Bulgaria or when the person has special merits for it.

The draft law of GERB-SDS deputy Nikolay Alghafari and a group of people's representatives creates the possibility of acquiring Bulgarian citizenship by naturalization, when the person has submitted a request for release from the previous citizenship, but it is not possible to release it for reasons beyond his control. It is planned that persons who have acquired Bulgarian citizenship will receive the certificates at a special official ceremony according to the bill of Radomir Cholakov and a group of people's representatives.

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