The budget of Tetovo is spent on salaries of the overcrowded administration, there will be projects if foreigners give

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The budget of the Municipality of Tetovo for the coming year is projected at 29,4 million euros. As much as 19 million euros are practically government block grants, 700 thousand euros are planned as part of the self-financing funds of the institutions within the municipality, and 000 million euros are money "collected" by the municipality, but which will mostly be intended for salaries and contributions of the overcrowded municipal administration.

The mayor of the Municipality of Tetovo Bilal Kasami, who participated in the public debate on the municipality's budget today, indicated that around 2 million euros are planned for projects, but they will be implemented if donations are found.

"These are donations for various projects for which we have submitted projects, we hope to receive them. Unfortunately, those 7 million euros will be for salaries. But taking into account that the budget framework is given by the Ministry of Finance in accordance with the law, we as a municipality do not have the comfort to predict the implementation of projects, although in 2022 we had an increase in the self-financing income of the municipality, which we hope that at the end of this year will be about 140% more than expected. However, the law, that is, the ministry does not give the opportunity to plan for the next year according to this year, but takes into account the average of the past three years. So yes, it is given to us as a framework and in that part we cannot act. Taking into account that it is a small amount for the Municipality of Tetovo, that's why mainly those 7 million euros will go to salaries, says Kasami.

He also announced a development program for the next three years. He hopes for more help from the state, because this past year the municipality did not receive a single project from the Regional Development Bureau, although as Kasami pointed out, Tetovo is one of the largest cities in the Polog region.

"We used the opportunity to prepare a development program that will be implemented in the next three years, where approximately 2,4 million euros are additionally planned for the construction and reconstruction of road infrastructure. It is planned to invest in the opening of two boulevards "Blagoja Toska" and "Vidoe Smilevski Bato" and to start the first phase of the realization of the ring road for Popova Shapka. We hope that from next year we will start working on this project, as well as the reconstruction of several other streets in the city. I would like to point out that we collected part of the taxes with executors, but if we want to have a city in good shape, such steps must be taken. For the next year, we hope that we will have an improved situation and with those funds from property tax and other things we will be able to implement certain projects in the city, Kasami added.

At the debate on the municipal budget, citizens and organizations proposed their ideas.

"Let me propose to the municipality to form a Municipal Council for the prevention of child delinquency, that this is a legal obligation for all municipalities in the country, and most of the municipalities, including Tetovo, have not formed this council." This section also foresees sanctions for those mayors who have not formed the councils, the professor of juvenile delinquency pointed out. Blerta Ahmeti.

The budget of the Municipality of Tetovo is expected to be put to a vote next week at the Council Session of the Municipality of Tetovo.

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