The high-speed railway from Belgrade to Subotica will be ready by the end of the year

Track / Photo MIA

By the end of the year, the high-speed railway from Novi Sad to Subotica will be completed - it is part of the high-speed railway project from Belgrade to Budapest. It will be 108 kilometers long, and the total agreed value of the works is 1,16 billion dollars.

That section is being built by Chinese companies, and since Monday, the contact network of the newly built section of the high-speed railway Novi Sad - Vrbas has been put under high voltage. This is done in order to test the network as well as the continuity and strength of the current.

Nenad Stanisavljevic from Serbian Railways Infrastructure warns citizens not to approach the area of ​​the construction site.

"Works on the construction of the high-speed railway are being intensified in order to reach that deadline and to open the high-speed railway from Novi Sad to Subotica by the end of the year. Currently, the testing phase of the contact network is underway on the section from Novi Sad to Vrbas, high-voltage current of 25.000 volts has been released on that section for all tests, measurements, everything that is needed in this phase," Stanisavljevic said.

The initial deadline for the construction of the Subotica-Novi Sad railway was August next year, so at the insistence of our people, it was moved to the end of this year, Kamatica writes. This means that from Novi Sad to Subotica by the end of this year, it will take about forty minutes, and in total, from Belgrade to Subotica at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, it will take about one hour and ten, fifteen minutes.

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