He brutally beat his partner, a friend cheered him on in the violence - charges were brought against both of them

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Public Prosecutor from the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office Skopje filed an indictment against a 46-year-old man from Skopje for a crime - Serious bodily injury from Article 131 paragraph 2 in connection with paragraph 1 of the Criminal Code, as well as against a 34-year-old person for whom during the previous during the procedure, evidence was provided that the first defendant intentionally helped the first defendant to commit domestic violence.

On May 29, in his home on "Partenie Zografski" street, the accused seriously physically injured his extramarital partner, so that for no particular reason, he physically attacked her and began to hit her with slaps in the face and head area and with kicks in the area of ​​the limbs, in the area of ​​the thighs and in the chest under the breasts.

The second defendant was present at the defendant's home at that time, but did not take any action to protect the victim, but instead gave him advice and instructions on how to commit the crime. The mother of the first accused was also present in the home, who tried to defend the woman from the physical attack, but the second accused stopped her, addressing her with the words "stay away, let them solve the problem themselves, it's their personal matter". In addition, during the physical attack, the second defendant encouraged the perpetrator with the words "if necessary, we will endure the punishment together with me".

From the numerous blows, the injured party suffered severe bodily injuries, bruises, sprains and a multifragmentary fracture of the nasal bones.

For the first defendant, for whom a measure of detention was previously determined, the public prosecutor proposed to the Basic Criminal Court Skopje to extend the measure of detention. A proposal to determine a detention measure was also submitted for the second defendant, but the Court did not accept the prosecutor's proposal and did not determine measures, so after receiving the decision, the competent public prosecutor will file an appeal against this court decision.

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