"Ship for Dolls" will premiere on the stage of the NU National Theater in Bitola

Photo: NU National Theater - Bitola

A new play on the stage of the Bitola Theater is "Ship for Dolls" based on a text by Milena Marković and directed by Kokan Mladenović, whose premiere is scheduled for June 5, at 20 p.m. The replay is on June 12, and the show is recommended for ages +16.

The author of the translation of the text from Serbian and the playwright of the play is Biljana Krajchevska, set designer is Valentin Svetozarev, costume designer - Alexandra Pecic - Mladenovic, composer - Dimitar Andonovski and choreographer is Andrea Kulesevic.

Sandra Gribovska - Ilievska, Viktorija Stepanovska - Jankulovska, Ilina Chorevska, Katerina Anevska - Drangovska, Valentina Gramosli, Petar Spirovski, Martin Mircevski, Nikola Projcevski, Marjan Georgievski, Filip Mircevski, Zivko Borisovski, Ognen Drangovski, Petar Gorko and Nikola Stefanov play in the play. . Inspector is Dimitar Mihajlovski. The video projections are by Vladimir Perelovski and Filip Oshavkov.

- Milena Marković's "Ship for Dolls" is a story about one or all women's destinies, or all human destinies - how a woman experiences her life as a series of unfulfilled fairy tales. In the events of his life, he recognizes the pattern of fairy tales, those real fairy tales that teach us that life is not at all beautiful, that in life there are also witches and evil wizards and dangerous monsters and that everything can wait for us in some dark rooms at the end in the corridor, at the end of all this.

We are all in a position to reconsider our living and few of us are satisfied with our own lives. Those fairy tales without a happy ending mark the life of people in these areas, here where we live, where everything happened after the collapse of the country, with the collapse of the economic and political system and created nervous, hungry and humiliated people who live an unhappy life. That search for the meaning of one's own life in a series of unrealizations is something that makes this poetry of Milena Marković magnificent, both as a literary and as a stage work - director Kokan Mladenović points out.

Photo: NU National Theater - Bitola

Milena Marković (1974, Belgrade) is a poet, playwright, screenwriter, full professor at FDU - Belgrade, in a word, an artist whose work destroys myths and stereotypes, recreates reality and existential reality in powerful and poignant images.

She has won many awards for her poetry and screenplays, and she has also written plays that are performed with great success on the international and domestic stage. She is the winner of a special prize in Vienna for the best drama from ex-U spaces and three Sterini awards for the best text, including "Ship of Dolls" and "Dragon Slayers", and with the verse novel "Children" she won the NIN award for the best novel in 2021.

- The drama "Ship for Dolls" brings out on stage the essential problems of man, his fears and existential questions taken from a familiar context - the fairy tale. The ancient tragedians did this with the myth, and here the fairy tale is placed in a new discourse, gradually gaining a new identity. "Ship for Dolls" in seven plots and seven different settings refers to the seven incarnations of the heroine and the seven metamorphoses of her passive female principle - explains playwright Biljana Krajchevska.

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