A chase in Skopje that will be investigated: The son of an official of the Ministry of the Interior was chased by the police because of "flashers", here is what they discovered

police control radar photo mia

A real drama was created on Friday by the son of an official of the Ministry of the Interior who illegally used flashers and ran away from a police patrol that tried to stop the vehicle. After they managed to stop him, after identification, the police officers let him go, claiming that it was an official car of the General and Common Affairs Service, despite the fact that it was a private vehicle, reports Telma stating that the Ministry of Interior is investigating this case.

According to Thelma, it is about K.B., the son of the deputy minister in the Ministry of the Interior from the ranks of DUI, whose dark Audi with flashers was noticed by a police patrol in Chair moving faster than the permitted one, after which they caught up with him and asked him to stop.

According to the legal regulations, there is a recorded audio material, i.e. radio, for the boy's arrest the communication of the police officers and the SVR Skopje headquarters, which would be used as evidence for the incident.
Otherwise, according to Thelma's knowledge, the vehicle driven by the son of an official in the Ministry of the Interior had illegally installed flashers and was leased as a security vehicle for a marijuana factory.

According to the television, the same vehicle has been fined several times for traffic violations, and once the vehicle was even lowered by a spider when it was illegally parked.

And these allegations are being investigated by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, from where they say that if it is established that police conduct is contrary to the law, the police officers will be sanctioned.

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