British children clean cars, mow grass and wash windows for pocket money

Job applicants in Croatia/PHOTO: Sloboden Pechat

In the UK, more and more children are being paid to do household chores as a way to earn pocket money. According to the data of the British company NatWest Rooster Money, which issues debit cards intended for children, children by doing household chores for money during the last year increased their pocket money by 9,23 pounds or three percent compared to 2022.

The data was obtained from a survey of more than 300.000 children aged six to 17 who use the services of the mentioned financial company.

It has also been found that there are fewer and fewer people who give their children pocket money as something taken for granted without any service in return, such as doing some of the household chores.

Namely, the number of such in 2023 was 30 percent, while the previous year it was 32 percent. The best paid are lawn mowing, car cleaning, window cleaning and gardening, the BBC reports, reports.

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