A British submarine that mysteriously disappeared in 1942 has been found in Greece

HMS Triumph / Photo Profimedia

The wreck of the British submarine HMS Triumph, which mysteriously disappeared during a mission to Greece in 1942 during World War II, has been found in the Aegean Sea, the Greek news agency ANA reported. She was spotted "at a depth of 203 meters in the Aegean Sea" and "several tens of kilometers from the coast" by the colleagues of the Greek diver Kostas Toktaridis, who went in search of her in 1998.

The 84-meter T-class submarine was linked to "the resistance against the Nazi occupation in Greece" and "the British secret service," Toktaridis said, ANA reports. "All 64 crew members died in the sinking," the same source said. Triumph completed twenty combat missions from 1939 to 1942.

He began his missions in the Aegean Sea in March 1941 near the Dodecanese, then under Italian occupation, where he "destroyed many enemy ships, including the Italian submarine Salpa," reports ANA. But on 23 January 1942, during her 21st mission in the Aegean Sea, the British Navy announced that the submarine Triumph was "presumed missing".

The last testimony about the submarine was given by an Italian pilot who saw it on January 9, 1942 near Cape Suni, in the Saronic Gulf, near Athens.

Among the various versions of the cause of the submarine's sinking are a mine strike off the Cycladic island of Milos, capture in action by German forces aided by Italian agents and an explosion in the submarine's bow, Costas Toktaridis said.

Numerous research teams from Malta and Russia have been coming to Greece in search of her remains.

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