British minister: The genocide in Srebrenica was determined legally, not politically, and does not apply to Serbian society

The British Minister for European Affairs Nous Ghani said today in Belgrade that the genocide in Srebrenica is a legally based, not a political decision and that it is not a reflection of the Serbian people, but refers to the committed crimes and their intent.

The resolution declaring July 11 as the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Srebrenica Genocide and condemning the denial of the genocide and the glorification of war criminals will be presented to the UN General Assembly on May 23, and is sponsored by thirty countries. including Great Britain.

In a conversation with Serbian journalists, she emphasized that the genocide in Srebrenica was determined by the International Criminal Court based on evidence.

"Determining genocide is an incredibly high bar to reach." It is a legally based, not a political decision. It is not about Serbian society or the Serbian people, but about committed crimes and intent, she said.

When asked by the Beta agency how she commented on the attitude of the Serbian authorities regarding the adoption of the resolution, she answered that the Serbian authorities should think about how to move forward, and that on the road to reconciliation it is important to accept what happened. - The crimes that happened must be accepted, that is the only way to move forward towards reconciliation, the minister said.

Speaking about the influence of China and Russia on Serbia, Ghani says that Russian President Vladimir Putin is a totalitarian imperialist and that he is trying to destabilize Europe.

We must do everything we can to ensure that Ukraine gets the support it needs to defend itself against Putin. "Putin is trying to destabilize Europe, Ukraine protects us all, because it defends liberal democracies, sovereignty, the rule of law," British Minister for European Affairs Nuss Ghani said.

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