A British company in Macedonia left its employees without wages

Aleksandar Ognjanovski Photo: Free Press

According to the Law on Commercial Companies, it is possible to register a company without a founding deposit. The deadline to pay it is one year, and if that doesn't happen, it is deleted! The employees fear that the company will be wiped out and that they will get nothing

Aleksandar Ognjanovski is one of 30 employees who work or have worked in the British company "Star Care" and who were left without one or two salaries. Ognjanovski, like few others, decided to seek justice in court. But he came across a hopeless situation, and even if he were to look for it, he wouldn't get it, the lawyer he turned to told him. And the reason is more than serious because that situation can happen in any other company. According to the Law on Commercial Companies, it is possible to register a company without a founding deposit. The deadline to pay it is one year, and if that doesn't happen, it is deleted! Thus, this company that was founded on 31.1.2023 can be deleted from the Central Register at any moment (according to the statement of February 8, it still exists).

The lawyer we spoke with says the company will simply cease to exist, and the debts will not be collected.

- In this case, badiala would take money from someone if he sues. We see how credible the company is. At the time we investigated this case, the company was alive. Employees can ask for bankruptcy of the company, but what if it doesn't exist. In the Law on Commercial Companies, in order to open as many companies as possible, it was allowed that the founding deposit of 5.000 euros be paid within 12 months, otherwise the company should be deleted. And when it is deleted, it can be compared to a deceased person, nothing can be charged from him - says the lawyer who wanted to remain anonymous.

Our interlocutor Aleksandar Ognjanovski, who lost his wages, says that he got a job in this company on September 29, 2023 in the position of "customer support". He received the salary for the few days of work done in September only on November 23, when he already suspected that something was not right in the company. However, he gave himself a deadline and stayed until the end of last year. Thus, the company owed him November and December.

- All employees were shortchanged for those two salaries. It is terrible that the law allows such deletion of companies. I didn't know that and while I was at work, I still thought that some kind of temporary stoppage would be overcome - commented Ognjanovski.

Natasha Skenderova is a procurator, i.e. an authorized person who can conclude contracts and perform legal affairs and actions on behalf and on behalf of the British company, as well as represent the company in proceedings before administrative and other state authorities. In a statement to "Sloboden Pechat", she says that she does not have the authority to pay salaries, but that she is doing everything in her power to ensure that they are paid as soon as possible.

- Employees will be paid as soon as possible. We as the management here serve as a link with the manager and with the client who is obliged to pay the obligations to us. The client intends to continue working from Skopje. We expect at any moment to clear the salaries and sit down and talk about how to move forward. It also applies to me, and to my salary, and I am employed there - says Skenderova.

Aleksandar Ognjanovski was in charge of live "chat" communication with users from Brazil.

Skenderova explains that the point of the whole project was to employ more than 100 people, to function in three shifts and to serve more than one client.

- Now there are a little more than 10 employees. By the way, at one point the company had about 30 employees. We have not fired anyone, and we have invested a lot in their training - says Skenderova.

Regarding the unpaid 5.000 euros as a founding deposit, Skenderova says that the lawyers informed her that with the first influx of salaries, that amount will be provided.

- I am not a legal person, but I consulted. They told me that the salary inflow is sufficient. That inflow can be used to pay the initial investment and then be withdrawn and used for salaries. This company has no intention of deceiving anyone, of hiring them with the intention of leaving them unpaid - assures Skenderova.

"Sloboden Pechat" also tried to contact the manager of a company from Britain, Jeremy David Beber, through the email address left in the Central Registry, but as we write the text, there is no answer.

According to their LinkedIn profile, Skopje Starcare is a customer support company that provides exceptional customer service. "Our mission is to ensure our customers have a positive experience with their products and services by providing superior support," the company wrote.

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