A British woman found a Chinese prisoner's ID card sewn into her coat

Coat, illustration/Photo: Luca Ponti / ipa-agency.net / PA Images / Profimedia

An identity card of a Chinese prisoner was found by a British woman who bought a coat from a British brand online.

This indicates that the coat he bought was probably a product of the forced labor of inmates in prisons.

The purchase, as the Guardian notes, was made by a woman from Derbyshire. When she received the Regatta brand coat on November 22, she felt something in the right sleeve getting in the way of her elbow.

When she cut open the coat to find the item, she discovered what looked like a prison ID card.

-There was a picture of a man dressed in a prison uniform standing in front of the lines measuring his height. It even had the name of a prison in China, she explains.

The card was in a plastic box with an engraved inscription: "Manufactured by the Department of Justice's Bureau of Prisons."

However, the label on the coat said that the garment was made in Myanmar.

"You don't expect this from Regatta. It's a British brand you dress your kids with. It makes you feel really uncomfortable and sorry," said the woman, who did not want to be named.

The woman sent a photo ID to Regatta customer service, whose employee replied: "Wow, that's unprecedented."

A Regatta spokesman denied that it was a prison ID card. It is a Chinese work ID card, from our factory in China. But you're right, it looks like an ID card," he said and asked the woman to throw away the ID card.

Although the woman threw away the ID, wanting to forget the incident, the company emailed her later that evening and asked for the ID and coat to be returned. The company also promised to replace the coat, which now had a hole in the sleeve, and to send her a second one as a goodwill gesture.

The woman collected the card from the trash, but declined the offer.

Regatta denies offering a new coat in exchange for an ID card. In her statement, she rejects the possibility that the clothes were made in prison and talks about "an isolated incident by a former employee".

The Guardian reported that the prison specializes in the production of clothing and electronics and that inmates are paid around €0,15 an hour.

It is not known whether the card was found in the coat by accident or on purpose by an inmate, perhaps to raise awareness of forced labor in the prisons where he found it.

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