The British claim that the Ukrainians destroyed powerful Russian radars

Photo: EPA-EFE / STR

The British Ministry of Defense in its daily report on the situation in Ukraine states that on March 23, 2023, Ukrainian special operations forces released a video of the destruction of the Russian ZOOPARK-1M anti-battery radar in the Donetsk region.

Both sides are trying to neutralize anti-battery radars during the invasion of Ukraine.

These systems are relatively few in number, but they are of great importance on the battlefield because they allow commanders to quickly locate and engage enemy artillery.

Because they have an active electromagnetic signature, they can be detected and destroyed. Russia has lost at least six ZOOPARK-1M radars so far and probably only a limited number remain in Ukraine.

Refurbishing the anti-battery radar fleet is likely to be a key priority for both sides, but also a problem for Russia because the systems rely on shipments of sanctioned high-tech electronics, the ministry said.

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