The British claim that Putin is trying to stifle critics

Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin
Vladimir Putin / Photo: EPA-EFE / MIKHAIL METZEL

British military intelligence focused in a report today on Russia's new "foreign agents" law, which the Kremlin will use to stifle criticism of the war in Ukraine.

They recall that Vladimir Putin changed a law that has been in force since 2012 so that personal data, including addresses, of "foreign agents" can be made public. The law comes into force from tomorrow.

Previously, the law was limited to individuals and institutions that the Kremlin claimed had received financial support from abroad. But now the law covers all those whom the government has judged to be under "influence or pressure" from abroad.

"The Kremlin is likely acting preemptively to prevent a larger uprising in Russia, given that the conflict in Ukraine continues and increasingly affects the daily lives of Russians," the report said.

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