The British claim that the lack of troops is likely to hold back the Russian offensive in Bakhmut

Bakhmut/ Photo: Dimitar DILKOFF / AFP / Profimedia

The British Ministry of Defense has released a new intelligence report on the war in Ukraine.

"The lack of troops is probably holding back the Russian offensive in Bakhmut," the British said.

They questioned Russian media claims that the Wagner mercenary group had seized a factory complex in the northern part of the city, saying it was "probably still in dispute".

"Russian attacks are still at a reduced level compared to previous weeks. "One of the key achievements of the recent Ukrainian operations was probably the pushing of the Russian soldiers of the Wagner group from the route 0506," said the British Ministry.

0506 may only be a country road, but it has become a key supply line for Ukrainian soldiers. Earlier, Wagner's soldiers were a few hundred meters from that road.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky warned earlier today that the loss of Bakhmut could result in a major challenge for Ukraine and could force the country to compromise with Russia.

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