Bregović said goodbye to his colleague from "Bijelo Dugme": He was the only nice guy among us

Photo: Goran Bregovic / EPA / MARTIAL TREZZINI

The musician Goran Bregovic, who is considered the leader of the legendary rock band "White Button", said goodbye to the group's keyboard player – Vlado Pravdic.

“He was the only nice guy among us. I'm sorry. Rest in peace..." reads Bregović's post on Facebook.

To remind you, Vlado Pravdic died last night in the Croatian city of Split. He died on the eve of his 74th birthday, which he should have celebrated on December 6, and had been battling a serious illness for the past few months.

Pravdic started his musical career in 1965, in the group "Walkins", and then played with the group "Kost" until 1970. His next "station" was the group "Ambassadori" (1971), then he moved to "Indexi", where he played with small interruptions until the fall of 1973.

Then he became friends with Goran Bregovic, with whom they initially played in the group "Jutro", and then founded "Bijelo Dugme". In the fall of 1976, he was replaced by Laza Ristovski, and two years later he returned to the group again, only to leave the music scene again in 1987.

Vlado Pravdic, the former keyboardist of "Bijelo Dugme" has died.

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