Bosnian prosecutors have demanded the opening of a criminal case against Dodik


Bosnia and Herzegovina's prosecution has demanded the opening of an emergency case against BiH Presidency member Milorad Dodik for endangering its territorial integrity and endangering top state institutions.

Al Jazeera reports that this has been confirmed several prosecutors, but that the chief state prosecutor Gordana Tadic is now waiting for an official statement on the indictment.
According to the established procedure, he can not form a case ex officio, but that it should be done by the competent prosecutors.

"Respected, regarding the media appearances of BiH Presidency member Dodik Milorad, in which he expresses threats to the territorial integrity and the highest institutions of BiH, in a way that meets the characteristics of the crime of Chapter XVI of the BiH Criminal Code, "I am initiating the immediate establishment of the case, all with the aim of timely action of the BiH Prosecutor's Office and criminal protection of the BiH integrity," said Prosecutor Jermin Pasic, who is the initiator of the indictment against BiH presidency member Milorad Dodik.


Commenting on prosecutor Pasic's request to prosecute him, Milorad Dodik said state prosecutors and judges work in unconstitutional institutions.

He also pointed out that the initiative was launched at the BiH Prosecutor's Office on the orders of the Democratic Action Party (SDA) and its leader Bakir Izetbegovic.

Dodik assessed that, In addition to working in unconstitutional institutions, "judges and prosecutors have never rebelled against what Izetbegovic's party ordered" and that "they do not notice that neither the Court nor the BiH Prosecutor's Office are part of the Constitution, which should be the supreme legal act. ", reports Fonet.

"Milorad Dodik is a member of the Presidency of BiH, an institution enshrined in the BiH Constitution. In which article of the Constitution are the institutions in which the prosecutors and judges of BiH work, I ask them publicly. "They do not have to answer me, let them answer themselves," Dodik told Republika Srpska state television RTRS.

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