Borel: Russia is dependent on Western technologies, sanctions have an impact

Joseph Borrell
Joseph Borrell / Photo: EPA-EFE / FREDERICK FLORIN / POOL

Russia's dependence on European and American technology is six times greater than that of China, which is why alternative Chinese products cannot meet the needs of the Russian economy under sanctions, the first European diplomat said. Joseph Borrell, in an interview published today in the newspaper "Yomiuri".

"Some may wonder if these sanctions are really affecting the Russian economy. The simple answer is "yes". Russia exports many raw materials, but has to import many high-value-added products that it does not produce at home. As for advanced technologies, Russia is 45 percent dependent on Europe and 21 percent on the United States, while for China this share is only 11 percent," Borel explained.

According to him, China already offers Russia a limited amount of alternative products, especially high-tech products.

"China, which relies heavily on exports to developed countries, has so far not offered Russia help in circumventing Western sanctions. Chinese exports to Russia have fallen to the level of exports to Western countries", emphasized the head of European diplomacy in an interview with the newspaper "Yomiuri".

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