Borel: Deliveries of missiles to Ukraine are expected at the end of May

Joseph Borrell
Josep Borel / Photo: EPA-EFE/

Deliveries of 155-millimeter missiles to Ukraine are expected to begin at the end of May and beginning of June, the EU's high representative for foreign policy and security, Josep Borel, said today at a press conference after the joint meeting in Luxembourg of the European ministers of defense and foreign affairs.

"It is urgent that the EU and other allies provide Ukraine with ammunition and air defense systems," he added.

Borel has repeatedly stressed the need for full system equipment to improve Ukraine's air defense.

"Decisions to secure those systems are in the hands of European governments and I'm sure they will be made soon," Borrell said.

According to him, the Ukrainian side announced today that only since the beginning of the year, Russia launched 7.000 missiles against Ukraine, which means 60 per day and does not take into account the number of drones and other air attacks.

Borel noted that several EU countries today expressed their willingness to provide Ukraine with air defense systems.

He announced that at today's meeting a decision was made to extend the sanctions against Iran.

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