Bora Corba spoke about his earnings, and remembered the late Misha Aleksic

Bora Djordjevic or better known as Bora Chorba / Photo: Printskrin/Instagram

The frontman of the group "Riblja Chorba", Bora Djordjevic or more commonly known as Bora Chorba lives between Slovenia and Serbia. He says he likes both there and there. But he notices the difference in the temperament of the people in Serbia and the people in Slovenia, reports Serbian "Телеграф"

"Both are good. There is a subtle difference in temperament. There a man approaches you and says "excuse me Boro, would you be so kind as to take a picture?" I'm sorry for bothering you", and here he says: "Where are you, let's take a picture", Bora told Grand News with a laugh.

His band recorded a new album during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Yeah, 11 songs and a two-song single, I've separated them because they're different. The problem with publishers is that nobody buys CDs anymore. "Only what appears on YouTube and online can bring some benefit to publishers," he says.

The biggest recharge of the batteries for him is socializing with the audience and performing, so it will be the same in the coming period, and he revealed that he is also preparing for a tour in America.

"At the end of September we are going to America. "We're a little old, we can't tour the East and West coasts, so we'll only be playing in Toronto and Chicago," he says.

They are fighting he also remembered his late colleague, the bass player Misha Alexic. He says he still can't accept that he's gone.

"His song will be on the new album. It is represented. For the first time, we are going on tour without Misha. I can't talk about it, it's so shocking that Misha is gone in ten days. We agreed to die together on stage, the two of us, but he broke down. I believe that he would also like us to continue working," says the singer.

At the end, he also addressed the topic of distribution of royalties money. Bora claims that it is a modest figure and that one cannot live on it.

"Quite symbolic, but it's coming." 0,3 euros arrive from Australia. But they care. During the war and the bombing, a German agency associated with our "SOKOJ" (Organization of Music Authors of Serbia) sent a letter and asked: "How did you regulate the issue of music in elevators?". You see how civilized countries regulate, and in our country half of the elevators did not work," he told "Grand News".

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