US Air Force B-1B bombers have arrived at Incirlik Air Force Base in Turkey

Photo by Emma Anderson

Two US B-1B Lancer bombers flew a routine training mission, designated Bomber Task Force 24-2, flying from Moron Air Force Base, Spain, to Incirlik Air Force Base, Turkey, fostering key cooperation amid regional tensions.

The Air Force said in a statement that during the mission, the American aircraft seamlessly integrated with Turkish fighter jets, demonstrating the strength of bilateral military partnerships.defense-blog".

Upon arrival at Incirlik, the US bombers are to engage in additional training activities in cooperation with Turkish forces.

Col. Kevin Lord, 39th Air Force Base Wing Commander, expressed gratitude to the Turkish hosts for their key role in facilitating this essential training opportunity, highlighting the enduring commitment to regional security and stability shared between the United States and Turkey.

U.S. European Command, U.S. Air Forces Europe and 39th Air Force Base Wing officials highlighted the importance of joint efforts with the Turkish Ministry of Defense, emphasizing the role of bilateral training in promoting cooperation and collective defense in the region.

Task Force Bomber 24-2 is part of the Large-Scale Global Exercise 2024, a comprehensive training initiative aimed at improving interoperability and mutual understanding among allies and partners to effectively address common security challenges.

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