Boki-13 requests a repetition of the criminal procedure for the "Racket" case

Bojan Jovanovski/Boki13 Photo: Printscreen

Today, Bojan Jovanovski submitted a request to the Criminal Court to repeat the criminal proceedings for the "Racket" case, in which he was sentenced to nine years in prison as the first defendant.

"We use this provision based on the acquisition of new evidence. The request was submitted due to new circumstances and evidence that were not used in the evidence procedure. Namely, in the entry into force of the judgment where the plaintiff was Orce Kamchev, it was proved that the claims are undetermined, and a person who has not committed a wrong can not claim a right, and there are no established elements to obtain the status of injured party and to get back funds who were undetermined in the judgment. Today, we submitted a request in which new elements should be determined with an economic expert opinion, which was submitted by Orce Kamchev before the civil court. "The economic expert opinion itself does not correspond with the rationale of the verdict on Racket and the statements given by Orce Kamchev and Ana Kamcheva," said Bojan Jovanovski.

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