Boymacaliyev: You cannot travel anywhere with the old passport, tomorrow we will have 300.000 forms

Mitko Boymacaliyev/Photo: Sloboden Pechat/Zoran Dimovski

You can't travel anywhere with the old passports, you won't be able to leave the country with them because they are out of order, said the Deputy Minister of the Interior Mitko Boymacaliyev.

During today's visit to the Tetovo Department of Internal Affairs, he said that there are enough forms for the new passports and there is no chaos anywhere.

- As we informed the Macedonian public, 50.000, then 20.000 forms arrived, then 140.000 forms, and late tonight or tomorrow morning, more forms will arrive and we will round up that figure to 300.000 forms, which is quite enough for the system to function normally. Those are the numbers, those are the facts, you see that the patterns reach here in Tetovo and everywhere. Everything works as it should, there is no sabotage, no chaos, there was only false propaganda and collecting political points by canceling the Prespa Agreement that led the citizens into delusion. No one promised that a law would be passed that would keep passports valid until the end of the year. Citizens know that travel documents with North Macedonia will be issued before 2021, Bojmacaliyev said.

He said that at the moment there is no possibility to refund funds to citizens who have already taken out ID cards and driver's licenses with the new name.

- After the elections have been announced, there is no such legal right, it will be considered a bribe, when the elections are over, a new government will be formed, and whoever forms the new government will make a decision. Of course, this was discussed at a session of the Government, but due to legal deadlines, no decision was made, Bojmacaliyev said.

He was in the Tetovo Department of Internal Affairs together with the Director of the Public Security Bureau Sasho Tasevski where they concluded that the security situation within this sector is improving.

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