Boymacaliyev: Next week we expect another 120.000 passport forms

Passports / Photo EPA / GEORGI LICOVSKI

Additional Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mitko Boymacaliyev announced that there will be passports for everyone.

- It is not about any sabotage in the Ministry of Internal Affairs. 50.000 passports arrived on the very day of handing over the post to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, last week another 20.000 passports arrived, on Thursday or Friday we should receive some number of 100.000 passports and next week another 120.000 passports. With those forms that have arrived and those that will come, the need of the Ministry of the Interior to meet the citizens and issue them the documents they need until the next shipment of 300.000 forms that will arrive in June is satisfied - said the additional deputy. Minister of the Interior in the technical government, Mitko Bojmacaliyev, in a guest appearance on TV21.

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