Bojmacaliyev: Over 100.000 citizens are still waiting for their passports even though they duly paid and took pictures

Mitko Boymacaliyev Photo: Printscreen

Additional Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mitko Bojmacaliyev, when asked about the delay in issuing personal documents, explained that with the arrival of the technical government, the minister made some reforms, known only to him for some personal reasons, which did not bring any results.

-According to the latest information I have and the numbers I requested, over 100.000 citizens have not received their passports within the legal deadline. And I will just mention that before the technical government, all citizens received their personal documents within 15 days. But fortunately, the technical government will end soon, so we will return the administrative services to the right track, the citizens will be photographed and served in 15 days to have their documents, emphasized the additional deputy minister Bojmacaliyev.

He added that he had been talking about it since the first day, but he did not find understanding from the technical minister of the interior.

- It is not just about photographing the citizens, taking their money and not giving them their passports. Citizens have been waiting somewhere for two and a half months for certain documents for which they duly paid and took pictures, Bojmacaliyev said.

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