Bojmacaliyev: The EU committee does not decide whether old travel documents can be used

Boymacaliyev / Photo Facebook

Asked about today's letter from the Committee for Travel Documents of the European Union, Additional Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mitko Bojmacaliyev explained in a statement to TV 21 that nowhere in that letter does it say that old valid travel documents can be used.

"There in the letter, nowhere does it strictly say that travel documents can be used. It says there that a solution should be found, and at the moment all member states should decide independently. And there is a question for us as to how much time we need to change all the travel documents. So, at the moment, the EU does not have a decisive decision whether citizens can or cannot travel to its member states, and it is left to each individual member state to make its own decision, because the Republic of Greece has notified them and our country has not notified them that the travel documents are not in importance," Bojmacaliyev stressed.

Bojmacaliyev once again pointed out to the citizens living outside our country that as early as 2021 in October, 25 base stations were distributed around the world, in our diaspora, where citizens could and can exchange their personal documents.

"So far only 44.000m citizens have changed their travel documents. We invite them to use that option as well, if there is a base station near their residence and it does not represent a financial burden for them, or when they come to their home country, they still have the opportunity to take a picture and take their documents within the legal deadline. "Bojmacaliyev explained.

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