Bojmacaliyev: I waited for the passport forms to capture the reality of the citizens

Photo: MIA

Apart from the fake news that is published with the forms, in the section of the BJB that is under the director Sašo Tasevski, there are no changes, except for 14 legal changes, the law on the Przyna government, there are no changes and disturbances to the public safety of the citizens because this partisan system is dismantled, there are professionals working here who can hardly be moved from those rails, says the additional deputy minister in the Ministry of Internal Affairs Mitko Bojmacaliyev in a show on TV Star.

- We in the country, when we made the project to change the personal documents, when all the legal procedures that lasted for several years, obstructed by certain political parties, were completed, in the country there are one million eight hundred and three thousand passports, citizens who hold passports with the Republic of North Macedonia . The projection that was made for the order of new forms was somewhere around two million, and so far we have reached with these 85.000 forms, one million seven hundred and thirty four thousand passports - said Bojmacaliyev.

He underlined that there is no chaos, no obstructions, but there is only work on the part of the Ministry of the Interior, from colleagues in the administrative services who sincerely and devotedly do their work in the entire process.


- Let's go back, why the number is small or why people did not change their passports, about 600.000 citizens, is due exclusively to the propaganda made by VMRO-DPMNE. The propaganda that they did all the past years, that they will cancel the Prespa Agreement, they will return the old name, and unfortunately the citizens again led them to some kind of delusion, hoping that what they say and think is really true, but they do it only for the day political marketing - said Boymacaliyev.

Regarding his reception of the passport forms, he added that he did so to capture the reality to the citizens, and that what is being said is fake news for daily political marketing, that someone predicted how many forms would be needed and with what dynamics will be able to be issued.

- There are many from VMRO-DPMNE who wrote statuses on social networks and said that they would cancel the Prespa Agreement and that they would return the old name - Bojmacaliyev concluded.


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