The boycott of classes in "Njegosh" primary school, Shaqiri announced a meeting with the parents and solving the problem

Jeton Shaqiri - Minister of Education and Science / Photo: "Free Press" / Dragan Mitreski

The parents of students from the municipal primary school "Njegosh" in Kolonia, Gazi Baba Municipality today boycotted classes due to lack of space and ordered the Minister of Education and Science Jeton Shaqiri to stop the pressures he is making or there will be no classes at the school. until the end of the year.

Minister Shaqiri said that he will meet the parents tomorrow and says that the Education Inspectorate is analyzing the situation.

Albanian students in that school have classes up to the fifth grade and for years they have to continue their education from the sixth to the ninth grade in other municipalities. Their parents have been protesting since the beginning of the school year, and three days ago the parents of the students of the Macedonian teaching language, who do not agree to open a class for Albanian sixth graders, also boycotted. In front of the school, they said that there is no possibility of introducing a new class. According to them, the minister is exerting pressure and they are ready, as they say, that there will be no classes until the end of the school year.

- Macedonian language students are protesting for three days, and Albanian language students in the same school are protesting for 26 days. It is about 13 students who finished the fifth grade and want to continue from the sixth grade in the same school. I have regular meetings, both with the Albanian parents and with the Macedonian parents, and tomorrow I will hold a meeting with all of them. In order to open a new class, the principal of the elementary school submits a request and based on the analyses, we submit that request to the Ministry of Finance, said Shaqiri today, answering journalist's questions.

The initiative of the parents protesting for three days, he said, is because they think there is no space in the school. He added that the Education Inspectorate also analyzed the situation.

- No decision will ever be made to the detriment of any party. I told the mayor of Gazi Baba that if premises are needed in the same school, I request that a project be submitted as soon as possible so that we can implement it in that area of ​​the school. This topic has not been discussed since this September, but for 20 years. We are discussing with the Municipality a long-term solution for the construction of a school in Idrizovo, and I am asking for understanding for a short-term solution that we should find as soon as possible, by Friday, regardless of whether the students are Macedonian or Albanian. It is only about one class in the school, Shaqiri said.

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