Boycott of Turkish language classes in Gostivar, teachers demand more classes

Gostivar High School / photo: Sumer Kamberi / Google Maps

As of Friday (September 17), there is a boycott of Turkish language classes in the Gostivar high school, because one class was closed, reports Anatolia Agency (AA).

"The reason for the boycott is the closure of a Turkish language class in the Gostivar high school," said a statement from Turkish language teachers. according to Anatolia agency.

The statement reminds that in this school the teaching is conducted in three languages ​​of instruction, and that since 1956 in the Gostivar Gymnasium teaching is continuously conducted in Turkish language of instruction.

"We have in mind that in the academic year 2021/2022, when enrolling in Turkish classes, we have an increase in the number of new students, and on the other hand we are facing the closure of one class in the first year, which is unacceptable for us," the statement said.

It is emphasized that in the academic year 2021/2022, when enrolling students in Albanian language of instruction, all 102 enrolled were admitted in 7 classes; in Macedonian language out of 19 registered students 16 were admitted in 2 classes, while in Turkish language of instruction, out of 62 registered students 54 were admitted in two classes instead of as before in three classes they had in the past twenty years.

"In other words, in percentage terms in the classes of Albanian language of instruction, we have 14,5 students in one class, in the Macedonian classes we have 8 students in one class. While in Turkish language of instruction with the abolition of one class we have 27 students in one class. "After this obvious difference and inequality, instead of opening the third class we had in the past 20 years, we are facing its closure, so we demand from the competent institutions the unconditional return of the third class," the statement added.

"The injustice done to us is a classic example of ethnic discrimination," the statement said, adding that for these reasons, they would boycott their demands until the classroom returned and the injustice was rectified.

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